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Friend of Sinners

Every Sunday until February 18, 2018

10:00am – 11:30am

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Jesus was a friend of sinners

In a day and age when the Church functions more and more as a separatist group, living in isolation from the big bad world, how do we model and emulate Jesus' example of moving TOWARD others who do not know Jesus as Savior? 

Now, make no mistake: Jesus' holiness was never diminished or tarnished based on the company he kept. But holiness is perhaps most clearly demonstrated through grace. Jesus was gracious. He extended unmerited favor to those who didn't deserve it. And the religious gatekeepers of the day HATED him for it. 

His grace was not simply a commodity that people could consume on their own terms. It was a grace that called and beckoned. A grace that not only demanded change but was in fact, an agent of transformation in the lives he touched. 

Jesus was a friend of sinners.

And that's great news! Because "all have sinned and fallen short..."

The question is: Will God's Church move toward lost, hurting, and hopeless people around them? Or will we stand idly by in apathy and self-righteousness? May God raise up a generation of Christ-followers who live on Jesus did. Join us in February for a two-part sermon series: "Friend of Sinners"!


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