Beginning August 21st we will be back to TWO services. Join us at 9:30 or 11:11!
This Spring (2022) Restoration Church Bryan is launching a capital campaign to raise funds for a permanent building in Downtown Bryan. As we embark on this exciting next step for our church, we know God is going to stretch us to serve, pray and give in new ways. We are calling the initiative: “Bryan & Beyond.” We recognize that buildings, although vitally important for a church to gather, do not constitute God’s church. God’s church is His people - those who are called, saved and transformed by Jesus, and committed to taking the gospel message to the nations. A building is not our vision. Our vision is to continue to grow as a gospel-centered church, devoted to discipleship and diversity. As we look forward, we see a thriving local church with a  place to worship, grow, and serve the heart of downtown. We see new team members working toward our vision side by side. We see a beautiful diverse mosaic of people (a reflection of the throne room scene around Jesus in Revelation 7:9-10) on mission together.

What follows are questions and answers for you to review as you consider how God would lead you to be a part of Restoration’s 2022 “Bryan & Beyond” Initiative.

Why can’t we continue to meet as is at The Ice House on Main?

Clearly, God has moved in some tangible and powerful ways since our transition to the Ice House in September of 2020. Although we would love to continue here for the long term, there are a couple of notable barriers: 1) This is a Sunday-only rental space with a steep price tag for the few hours per week that we actually utilize the building. 2) As our Sunday attendance has grown to 1,400 - 1,500 each Sunday, even with seating for a thousand, our longterm ability to grow at the Ice House would be very limited without significant renovation and changes to the room. In addition, our RCB Kids ministry will soon outgrow their ministry space in the Ice House performance venue and flex space.

What is our target area to find a building?

We see Downtown Bryan as the ideal place to plant a gospel-centered disciple-making, diverse fellowship! In addition to being a place where revitalization is in full effect, in Downtown you’ll also find a convergence of people from all walks of life, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Specifically, we are targeting the grid of 31st St. to Hwy 21 / Sims St. to Texas Ave.

How do I give?

Our hope is to create a number of avenues for folks to give toward the Bryan & Beyond Initiative. Starting immediately, you can give online. You can set up biweekly or monthly giving, similar to your tithes and offerings. Or, you can make a one-time gift. You can also give Sundays during worship at Restoration.

What is our target goal for fundraising?

At this point, we do NOT have a target goal. Currently, we have $150,000 set aside for a building, with an additional $50,000+ set aside in Restoration savings. We believe we will need easily 2-3x this amount to secure a down payment large enough to house all of Restoration. However, the plan is to wait until November to officially announce both total funds raised in 2022, as well as the remainder needed for a specific building/ property.

What is the process & timeline for this Initiative?

At present, here is the timeline for this initiative:

  • Sunday, March 27th: Restoration will launch the “Bryan & Beyond” Initiative, call people to begin giving, and bring awareness of the vision and plan of Restoration Church Bryan both within the church and outside the walls of our local church. 
  • Monday, March 28th - Friday, April 1st: We will invite the entire church to take part in a 5-day daily devotional around giving. These devotionals will be available online and will also be emailed out via newsletter each day. 
  • Sunday, April 10th: We will host a fundraiser for current Restoration college students on Parent Weekend. This will be a breakfast taco fundraiser before the 9:30am service with a minimum donation of $10 for tacos. We will then announce in service the total amount raised, and then challenge parents to give generously and match the amount given by students!
  • Saturday, July 23rd: We will host a worship night for former Restoration college students. We will bring back former worship leaders to help lead this special night and put out the call to all former students to come back to town, hang through through the weekend, and join us for both the Saturday night event, as well as for worship Sunday morning. 
  • Monday, September 5th: We will host an adult/ family fundraising event on Labor Day! More details to come…
  • Finally, Sunday, November 13th: We will gather that Sunday in both services for a final call to give toward the “Bryan and Beyond” Initiative. At this point, the goal will be to have a clear direction on a building/ property that we are pursuing. Lord willing, we will know the specific amount needed to purchase the property, as well as renovation and improvement costs. On this “Harvest Sunday”, we will have pledge cards asking folks to continue to commit to giving generously and sacrificially for two years to pay off the building/ property.
Thank you for partnering with us during this exciting season for our local church! We are anticipating God doing GREAT things for his glory as we continue in our mission for Bryan and beyond!

In Christ,
Pastor Jonathan