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Church Planting

Church Planting Residency at RCB:

The Church Planting Residency at Restoration Church Bryan is focused on training and sending out healthy gospel-centered church planters to start new churches in urban/diverse cities throughout Texas. These new church plants will function as autonomous churches, committed to bringing gospel transformation to their communities.

We desire to send out church plants that hold fast to the biblical gospel that Jesus died for our sins and then was raised three days later (1 Corinthians 15:3-4).  We envision churches that cling to the gospel in the face of shifting cultural landscapes that routinely challenge salvation by grace alone, through faith in Jesus Christ.

Profile of a Church Planting Resident:

In order to find the “right guy” for the job, we have put together a profile of the type of man we are looking for.  While all of these qualities are important to possess as a church planter, we understand that some qualities will be learned through the residency process, and we will allow for room for future development.  That said, there are some qualities that we are looking for that would be essential to any potential church planter, and therefore essential to begin the residency.  Candidates that do not have these qualities would neither enjoy the residency, nor thrive in the process.  For those that possess these indispensable qualities, we look forward to meeting.

Restoration Church Bryan is looking for a man with a healthy marriage and family life, who desires to plant and pastor a church.  He must be a man who cultivates a deep spiritual vitality, who has a strong theological grounding, who is able to engage the lost with the gospel, who demonstrates the ability to lead others, who displays emotional intelligence, who is a proven disciple-maker, and has an entrepreneurial drive.

If you are interested in our Church Planting Residency Program, click the link below and fill out our Pre-Assessment Form.