Beginning August 21st we will be back to TWO services. Join us at 9:30 or 11:11!
Over the last decade plus, this phrase has invaded Christian vocabularies and places of worship. In many ways, it was necessary. It was a call back to our identity and purpose as the people of Jesus.

But with most pendulum swings within the church, in many ways the term has become overused and, in many spheres, has lost the original intention and significance.  

What is a gospel-centered church? You can't just sprinkle Jesus on cultural ideology and claim gospel centrality. You can't cling to legalism and works-based religion and claim the title either. And though it may sound strange, there are now many "Bible" churches that have unhitched the good news of Jesus from their "Bible" teaching and traditions. Like the religious leaders of Jesus' day, they have forgotten that the Bible was the means to the end of knowing and following Jesus, but it was not the end itself (John 5:39-40).

Join us at Restoration September 4th - October 9th as we dive into a five-part series on the gospel-centered church. We'll examine how the gospel impacts marriage, singleness, and family life. We'll examine how the gospel impacts church ordinances and leadership. Finally, we'll talk specifically about how the gospel has impacted our local church's mission, vision, and values here in Bryan.
Join us for "The Gospel-Centered Church!"