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Hebrews: Jesus is Better

Join us in 2023 at Restoration as we dive into our latest sermon series: "Hebrews: Jesus is Better".

Jesus, the better Moses.
Jesus, the better Rest.
Jesus, the better High Priest.
Jesus, the better Promise.
Jesus, the better Covenant.
Jesus, the better Sacrifice.

Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our Faith.

Today, Hebrews still speaks a word the Church desperately needs to hear. To a culture filled with people chasing significance and meaning, looking for promises and permanence, and longing for real rest, Hebrews holds up the answer.

The Church must rise up and hold up Jesus. Now is not the time to falter or fall away. Now is not the time to chase what the world is chasing. Now is the time to point to an eternal hope. Now is the time to live by faith. Now is the time to rest in the certainty of Christ. Our assurance, our anchor, our confidence is this:

Jesus is better.