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We acknowledge that mission is God’s redemptive work in the hearts and minds of His people through the work and person of Jesus Christ by the power of His Holy Spirit. Ultimately, mission is God’s work throughout the world, and He graciously invites His Church to participate in His mission. Therefore Restoration Church Bryan's goal, as a local church body, is to orient our missions to be a direct reflection of God’s mission within the world.

So then, in order to clearly communicate where God has called us to invest we seek to further define and distinguish missions. We see missions as two parts: local and global. While normally distinct from one another, these two parts blend together at times (i.e. ministering to international students in our local context). For normative purposes Restoration defines the two as such:

Local Missions: we see local missions as going outside the walls of our building to meet needs and build relationships so that we can make disciples throughout Bryan/College Station.

Global Missions: we see global missions as crossing cultural, religious, ethnic, and geographic barriers to advance the work of making disciples of all nations.

In both local and global missions, we view the local church as the primary means of making and equipping disciples. Only through the church, where people move towards others in discipling relationships, do we expect to find true, holistic restoration.

Ultimately, our goal in both local and global missions is to plant gospel-centered local churches, where discipleship thrives among those of all ages, the lost are reached, and where the people of Christ come together to work towards the physical restoration (health, education, economic, social, etc.) of their area.

Global Missions Partners


For more information on our partners in France,
please email Matt Ullrich.

South East Asia

For more info on our partners in South East Asia,
please email Matt Ullrich.

Middle East

For more information on our partners in the Middle East,
please email Matt Ullrich.


Contact Matt Ullrich for information regarding our partners in Mexico City!


Segera Mission
Laikipia County, Kenya



Restoration Missions Opportunities

Each of the following paragraphs will help you understand what our aim is in each of these fields. The information is not meant to be comprehensive, but rather help you begin the process in deciding if you’d like to join us for one of these opportunities. 

Kenya 2023: TBD

Restoration will be returning to Kenya in 2023, and taking a team of 10-15 people to help continue to establish our partnership with Segera Mission. On this trip we will be interacting with the people in the area by sharing stories of Jesus and the message of hope and life He offers while partnering with the long term team at Segera.

France 2023: TBD

Restoration will be returning to France in 2023! We will continue to partner with the team of missionaries and church planters seeking to plant community center focused churches in a French city. The area where they are doing ministry houses many Muslim refugees as well as college students as it is near a university. Our team of 5-8 people will be assisting the ministry of the long term missionaries in France.

Half/ Full Summer Opportunities:

In addition to short term trips (10-14 days), there are a few other opportunities available to Restoration members. If you are interested in going on a longer short term mission trip (6-12 weeks), we may have a few options for you. Please contact us if you are interested so we can get the ball rolling!

Mid-term Opportunities:

For Restoration members who are graduating and/or looking to do a gap semester or year, along with any of our adults and families wrestling with a call to missions, we may have a midterm (4-18 months) opportunity for you in one of our partner areas. If you are interested in exploring this opportunity, please contact Matt Ullrich or Matt Prine.

Restoration Missions Residency:

For those exploring a call to missions and/ or ministry in general, we have launched a Missions Residency! This residency is 15-24 months and would give you the opportunity to work alongside Restoration Missions staff and leadership in equipping, mobilizing, and leading our church family to reach the nations with the Gospel of Jesus. Please contact Matt Ullrich for more information on applying for this opportunity.